In his book, Outliers, Malcom Gladwell, put forth a rule of thumb that said in essence, when you see someone rise to the highest levels in anything, particularly sports, they most likely began with innate talent and added at least ten thousand hours of practice to the mix and that’s what’s made them great.

Specifically he said, “achievement is talent plus preparation…the ten-thousand-hour research reminds us that the closer psychologists look at the careers of the gifted, the smaller the role innate talent seems to play and the bigger the role preparation seems to play."

For a whole bunch of cowboys and cowgirls from Region III of the Texas High School Rodeo Association, or THSRA, they’ve come to the dance with a ton of innate talent and are busy adding on those tough hours of practice to cross that 10,000-hour threshold as they grow up. Many of them are already showing skills and abilities you wouldn’t expect to see of such young folks and they’re already out there kickin’ it hard with their next stop the state finals. These student athletes have been competing all year through multiple rodeo events to make it to the big show, and now they’re on their way.

Note: There are High School, Jr. High and Youth divisions. With eight to 10 events in each division - due to space limitations - we can only publish the top three finishers in each event.

However, if you’d like to see the list of all the results of this year’s THSRA Region III competition, go to www., which is the source of the finishers’ names and events used in this article.

Not all events have more than one winner, and team roping events obviously involve two partners.]

High School Division

Boy’s Cutting: Tate Elston

Girl’s Cutting: Destiny Hatfield, Eliana Johnson, Sadye Simpson.

Bareback: Zachary Campbell

Breakaway: Cheyenne Britain, Catelyn Felts, Dakota Allen.

Bull Riding: Brody Yeary, Coulten Beaty, Ty Scott.

Calf Roping: Leighton Berry, David Dougherty, Hunter Koch

Saddle Bronc: Brody Yeary, Skee Burkes, Ethan Hillard.

Barrels: Megan Meadows, Tillar Murray, Eva Blanton.

Goat Tying: Lariat Learner, Aspyn Dent, Bradee Rutledge.

Poles: Bailey Kellar, Megan Macisaac, Ashley Barker.

Steer Wrestling: Keegan Dement, Jace Allen, Chase Wilson.

Team Roping: Wesley Thorp, Tyson Thompson, Jacob Lewis, Seth Gillespie, Twister Vinson, Clay Boaz.

Jr. High School Division

Chute Dogging: Grant Carter, Holden Myers, Kutter Burnett.

Barrels: Jordi Edens, Danielle Harmon, Mikayla Cox.

Boy’s Breakaway: Austin Madry, Chisum Allen, Luke Brady Williams.

Girl’s Breakaway: Catherine Clayton, Sadie Sorrell, Lindsey Sawin.

Boy’s Goat Tying: Kash Koch, Holden Myers, Wyatt Bray.

Girl’s Goat Tying: Presli Bray, Catherine Clayton, Shaylee Hindman.

Calf Roping: Hayden Wright, Jarett Freeman, Sawyer Przilas.

Poles: Maci Berry, Rylee Wells, Annie Herring.

Team Roping: Kash Koch, Presli Bray, Wyatt Bray, Jake Vance, Chance Britain, Holden Meyers

Ribbon Roping: Chisum Allen, Saige Sealy, Jarett Freeman, Catherine Clayton, Tanner Baker, Calli Schmtz

Youth Division

Double Mugging: Tallan Miller, Blayz Ingle, Jake Vance.

Steer Riding: Tye Goree.

Barrels: Emma Nelson, Paige Clayton, Andee Shae Nored.

Breakaway: Braden Harris, Parker Parish, Jacee Taylor.

Goat Tying: Aubrey Mitchell, Paige Clayton, Parish Parker.

Heading: Tegan Stewart, Kreece Thompson, Parker Parisg

Heeling: Wyatt Thorp, Kreece Thompson, Chase Navarro.

Poles: Dally Parker, Biloxi Shultz, Jacee Taylor.

Congratulations to these great kids from around our area, as well as to their parents, families, schools, coaches and others who support their efforts. Cowboy up, you guys! Win State!