Is your name Gus? Are you missing a bike? If so, contact the Dublin Police Department, they have recovered it.

Police Chief Shawn Fullagar said several juveniles recently confessed to a rash of break-ins and criminal trespassing cases.

"A while back we had some residents upset because of some damage done to buildings on Grafton Street near downtown," Fullagar said. "While working that case, officers were able to obtain confessions on other cases that were similar."

He said that while the department had a few suspects in mind, they were unable to question them until recently due to scheduling difficulties with the suspects' parents. However, Fullagar said once investigators with the department had the suspects and their parents in for questioning, the truth came out.

"There was a delay because we had trouble getting the suspects and their parents in, but once we did, the suspects were very truthful in their confessions and the parents got the stolen items to bring back to the station," Fullagar said.

Two of the suspects were brought in for questioning in the downtown cases, which included a break-in at a dentist office and another building next door. The suspects confessed to stealing "Gus' bicycle." However, Fullagar said Dublin PD has no record of a missing bicycle from anyone with that name. 

In addition, investigators also learned the suspects participated in or had information regarding the destruction of property on a lot located off FM 219. The property is owned by Erath County commissioners and is used to store heavy equipment.

Fullagar said at the end of last year, county officials reported that windows on every piece of machinery stored on the lot were broken. And while DPD had a good idea who was responsible, they could not prove it until now.

While DPD has yet to speak with one of the four suspects, Fullagar believes the cases will all be cleared by the end of the week. He said the suspect investigators are trying to interview might also have been involved in break-ins at a church and school district in recent months.