Youth from surrounding areas made the most of their spring break by attending the Kid's Spring Break Camp Wednesday hosted by STAR Council at Mabee Gym at Foster's Home for Children.

Children between kindergarten and fifth grade took part in the camp, which consisted of games, snacks, arts and crafts.

"This camp gives the kids who didn't go on a vacation during spring break something to do," said STAR Council prevention specialist Kellie Ulbricht. "It's not just fun for the kids, it's fun for us too because we get to hang out with the kids and have a great time."

The camp is one of four throughout the year sponsored by STAR Council.

"We encourage the kids to have fun in ways that are healthy and good for them when they're here," Ulbricht said. "They participate in activities that keep them looking forward to the next throughout the day."

This year's theme was "mad scientist."

Wednesday's activities included science experiments that tested items such as dancing spaghetti and the chemical make-up of gummy bears.

Campers also participated in art and physical activities.

"My favorite part of camp so far has been the blow painting with the straws and making the spaghetti dance," said camper Kody Krowl. "I'm really glad I got to come, because if I didn't then I'd be bored at work with my Mom or Dad."