Spring break means a warm beach and bathing suit for many college students, but for some attending Tarleton State University helping others in need is their top priority.

Members of Tarleton Serves, left for Boulder, Colorado Sunday for an alternative spring break to help the victims of the dangerous floods that ravaged the area six months ago.

"The flooding took out a few areas in Colorado completely," said Ashley Ehler, a member of the organization. "We've been helping families and people whose houses were damaged. Some of the houses are completely covered in sand or still have water inside of them, and in some cases these people are still living in these houses."

Those who made the trip to Colorado have been taking part in making the lives of those affected by the floods easier. Whether it's removing sand or water from the inside of a house or picking up trash.

"We've been clearing homes out that don't even have flooring left and we've helped clean an R.V. park where it was clear that several were just swept away. It was really eye-opening," said Ehler.

The organization raised the funds for the trip in February, when they teamed up with Chili's who donated 10% of a customers' bills towards Tarleton Serves.

Organization member Kristy O' Keefe said, "This is life changing, I don't see myself doing anything else with my life."