Commissioners unanimously approved a request Monday from the Cross Timbers Soil and Water Conservation District for $20,000, with $5,000 coming from each of the four precincts that make up Erath County.

According to Commissioner Joe Brown, Precinct 3, who was presiding over the meeting in County Judge Tab Thompson's absence, said the annual request from the district covers the cost of maintenance and operations. He said commissioners already had the $5,000 listed in their budgets.

"This money goes to the conservation district so they can continue their work with us in Erath County," Brown said. "They work alongside commissioners and other county officials to protect our land and ground water as we continue to grow."

Commissioner Dee Stephens said with warmer weather on the way, crews are ready to get back to work on the roads.

"We're ready to get back to work," Stephens said. "With the agreements between several county residents in my precinct and the purchase of a new haul truck, we'll be ready to go to work on the roads."

Stephens presented commissioners with a request to grant an exception to the county purchase policy. This will allow Stephens to purchase a used haul truck for use in his precinct for more than the approved $50,000. He told the court with new requirements, the cost of trucks like this one have gone above the preapproved amount.

In addition, Stephens also requested permission to purchase base material for road work from Randy Shadden on County Road 266 and Charles Golightly on County Road 270 for $1/yard, as well as a trade out with Doug McClammy on County Road 271 for the same type of base material.

"On the trade out, Mr. McClammy only wants the county to help him fix the driveway from the county road to his house," Stephens said. "He will allow us to take base material from the pit on his property and the county will come out well ahead."

The court approved all three requests.

In other business, commissioners approved the final lease agreement with Government Capital for the six Chevy Tahoes the Erath County Sheriff's Department recently acquired. County Auditor Janet Martin advised this was the same agreement the court had previously looked at and was simply the final copy for approval by county officials. Commissioners also approved the final platting for the Jacob Crawley Rural Development in Precinct 4.