Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Exciting News! An “ex” Morgan Millite is competing on the NBC Voice on channel 5. She has been chosen to be a part of the 6th season of this talent competition show. Sam Behymer made the first cut and will perform next a duet with another contestant. The date of this performance is not known. Proud grandmother and grandfather are Carolyn and Larry Browning, and mom and dad are Loree and Roger who is the music director at Morgan Mill Baptist Church. Sam has had to quit her nanny job in California so that she could do this competition. Carolyn said that she has been “put up” in a hotel and they are doing a “make over.” Sam started to Morgan Mill School in the second grade and graduated from Stephenville High School. She graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Sam has three albums for sale on ITunes as Sam Behymer. She can also be seen performing on UTube. This is exciting for a home town girl to make it big in TV. Wish her well, we will all be watching.

The Morgan Mill eighth grade class enjoyed their Valentine Dance. Adriana Moreno liked the dancing with all of her friends. During Spring Break next week she will be training for Stephenville High School drill team the Stingerettes, with their try outs in March. Cade Landsdown liked the chocolate fountain best. He did mention that the boys were outnumbered by the girls. Hannah Pierce said that she was forced to slow dance. She will be going to Sea World in San Antonio during Spring Break. Cece Cline said that she liked all of the dancing. For the next few weeks, she is going to be concentrating on cheerleader try outs at Stephenville High School. Sid Davis liked everything about the Valentine Dance, the food and the dancing. The only thing was that it did not last long enough. He will going to church camp during Spring Break. Stone Tassione said that it was fun, long and hot. With only five boys, he was kept busy with all of the dancing. He is ready for football practice and hopes that it starts during Spring Break. Taegan Bottelberg did not get to attend the dance but said that her Spring Break is going to be spent in Houston at the Live Stock Show. She will be showing her cows. The Morgan Mill School days of the eighth graders are coming to a close. Two more six weeks and they will be high schoolers.