I strongly support Kenny Weldon for mayor of Stephenville.

I cannot imagine a young man whose only leadership experience - other than maybe leading his puppy on a leash - is president of the Tarleton student body having the audacity to call into question Mayor Weldon's leadership ability.

We have in Mayor Weldon a man who has led thousands of people, chaired meetings at levels and importance that nobody on the present council - or now campaigning for a seat on the council - can imagine. He has managed assets in the billions of dollars and been extremely successful in doing so.

I have heard from disgruntled city staff and council members that Kenny cannot stop being a colonel. That is terribly disrespectful and grossly unfair. Kenny asks questions and demands accountability from everyone. Some consider his questions to be criticism. He does not mean them to be critical - only to ensure that all options have been considered.

Mayor Weldon is the first mayor since John Moser who demanded accountability from the city staff. Many now serving on the council are unwilling to do that - they just want to rubber stamp everything the city puts before them. As a result many on the city's staff have grown to feel they answer to no one, and taxpayers have suffered.

As for dissension on the council, if some crybaby council members who have lived in Stephenville all or most of their lives and always had their way would not get their sensitive feelings hurt when they are questioned and grow up, that dissension would not be there.

We are fortunate to have someone with Kenny Weldon's qualifications willing to serve as mayor. It would be extremely unfortunate for Stephenville if we did not re-elect him to another term.

Before you vote, I also recommend you ask Kenny who, among those running, can he work with effectively.

Billy Mobley,