The Stephenville City Council unanimously approved a water and sewer rate increase Tuesday during its monthly meeting. 

The Finance Committee met Feb. 18 and recommended the increase in the volume charge on water from $3.50 per 1,000 gallons to $3.65 per 1,000 gallons.

The impact will be depend on each individual household and its usage.

"We do this annually and we do it during the winter time so we can actually take the lower amount of consumption from the residents," said councilman Doug Svien. "One of our services that doesn't fund itself is water, so we're looking to raise ratios to help pay for the increase in service."

The estimated total residential bill increase, which includes water, sewer, garbage, fuel surcharge, storm and sales tax, is estimated to be between 2.14%-2.83%.

The increase percentage also includes the increase in garbage pick up due to the new contract between the city and Progressive Waste Solutions.

"The total impact we've recommended for this year is the equivalent of 15 cents on the volume charge of the water," said City Administrator Mark Kaiser. "This is expected to generate approximately $105,000 in additional revenue that is intended to go back into the infrastructure."

The rates will go into effect immediately and customers are expected to see the increase on their April 15 or April 30 bill.