With spring break looming, students everywhere will begin migrating to their favorite hot spots. Whether it's snow skiing in Colorado or enjoying the beach at Panama City, Florida, many students will break their bank accounts to get the vacation experience of a lifetime.

Tarleton State University freshman Austin Irle, 18, sat down with the E-T to talk about his plans for spring break.

Are you planning on taking a big trip this spring break?

I'm not going anywhere for spring break actually. I had plans to go to a beach but I ended up not wanting to spend money. But I do know a lot of people that are going somewhere.

Do you consider spring break vital to the college experience?

It's nice to have that mid break somewhere in the semester. It really gives the students a chance to take a break mentally and I think it helps the professors too. I think they need a break from us more than we need one from them.

According to travel website Orbitz, close to 50% of college students going on a spring break trip are spending north of $1,000. What's your opinion on a student spending that much money?

I personally think spending that much money on a trip for a few days is kind of outrageous. I know I wouldn't spend that much money on a trip. But I guess it just depends on what you want to do and how much money you have or that your parents give you.