The Hispanic population at Dublin ISD is growing and so is the need for bilingual programs for parents.

The number of parents unable to help their children with homework is higher than district officials would like, so they've found a cost-effective way to start solving the problem.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, parents who cannot speak or read English can participate in the Latino Family Literacy program.

"The goal of the program is to help parents help their students," said Vicky Stone, assistant superintendent for DISD. "What we want to do is help those parents who can't read English have a way to still help their children with homework. The first step is to get them reading together since so much homework, especially at younger ages, involves reading."

The program will provide parents with a book. One side is in English, the other in Spanish. Stone said the idea is to allow the child to practice reading in English and the parents, reading the Spanish side, will know if the student is reading correctly.

A bilingual teacher who is certified and trained in the program will administer directives and facilitate program activities, which include craft projects and other fun ways to help parents better understand ways to help their students with English-based homework.

"The literacy program and workshops are designed to establish family reading routines for Spanish and English speaking parents and their children," Stone said. "The project introduces teachers to a language acquisition method and a step-by-step literacy instruction process while involving family reading, vocabulary development and English-language development for parents and students."

Anyone with a student at Dublin ISD can participate. The meetings will be held every Thursday evening at the Dublin Intermediate School. 

The program is free thanks to grant funding acquired by the district.