Erath County officials took steps to improve emergency response times for the eastern part of the county by approving changes to area fire districts. 

"We aren't taking anyone's coverage area away," Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue Coordinator Chris Brooks told commissioners Monday. "We are simply asking for the commissioners to expand the Harbin Volunteer Fire Department's coverage area to include US Hwy. 281. This will mean the area around 281 will be covered by Erath County, Harbin and Selden fire departments. That way, no matter what, we will have a department close that can head that direction when we get a call. This will help our response times as well."

Commissioners Joe Brown and Dee Stephens, who are both members of volunteer fire departments, agreed the plan was a good one.

Brooks said he had spoken with all three fire departments and their chiefs and everyone was on board. 

"I've spoke with all these guys and departments involved," Brooks said. "Everyone is in agreement that this is what is best for the county, its residents and the departments. We've got a good history of all working together and I believe this will continue that trend."