Six Market Blvd. will end its story where it all began with a farewell concert Friday night, right here in Stephenville.

"It really means a lot to us to come full circle and come back to where we started," said lead vocal and bass player Ben Hussey.

After a five-year run, band members are going their separate ways.

"It is going to give closure as a band and I really think it helps give our fans closure doing it back at home," he said.

The band, compiled of Clayton Landau, Josh Serrato, Hussey and new member Red Shahan, formed at Tarleton State University in 2009 and went on to rise through the ranks of the Texas Country scene, becoming one of the top acts in the genre.

Although Six Market Blvd.'s days are numbered, a few of the band members will stay on the road and in the music scene.

"Josh, Red and I aren't going off the road. We're creating a new act named after Red Shahan and it's going to be a lot different from Six Market's sound," said Hussey. 

Shahan is opening a bar in Denton and Serrato and Hussey are starting their own recording studio in Stephenville called Foxy Creek Studios.

"We really want to keep a foothold in the music business regardless of what happens on the road and we're extremely happy we can do it in Stephenville," Hussey said.

The band's farewell concert will take place Friday at City Limits. For ticket information, call 968-5222. 

"We want to say thank you to all of the fans and bars in Stephenville who ever gave us a chance," Hussey said. "We really appreciate all of the support the entire city has shown us. We're looking forward to our new project and we hope everyone else is all well."