It's any high school athlete's dream.

In walks the dynamo head coach of one of the nation's top college football programs, and he's asking for you. You're being called out of class, sat behind a closed door in your own head coach's office and you're looking into the eyes of a man you've only seen on television, coaching his team in a prime time conference battle or big bowl game, or perhaps as he's in New York cheering while his star player wins the Heisman Trophy.

Except for Jarrett Stidham, it's no longer a dream, but reality. A daily reality.

"I figured after the dead period coaches would come see me and stuff, but I didn't know I'd be getting out of class two or three times a day to meet with coaches, some of them I've never even talked to before," said Stidham, the latest in a long line of successful Stephenville High School quarterbacks. "It's very cool to meet Gary Patterson or Art Briles or other head coaches, offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches from all over. It's really cool seeing them on TV like in New York for the Heisman Ceremony or whatever, and then a couple weeks later meeting them and having a relationship with them."

Stidham is the No. 1 rated dual-threat quarterback in the class of 2015 according to ESPN, and has 19 major college offers. That includes Oregon offering just before the dead period and Michigan, Auburn, Oklahoma and Alabama being thrown in the mix since in-person recruiting resumed.

The last week was especially frantic, with Auburn and Oklahoma offering Wednesday night and Alabama's bid coming through Thursday.

"I didn't have any idea it would be like this," Stidham said. "But it's been a great experience for sure."

While everyone seems to have an opinion concerning where Stidham should go, the 6-3, 190 pound junior isn't giving any indication of where that will be.

"I'm still kind of seeing what else comes, if there are more offers out there," he said. "I'm not going to say any schools, but I have a good idea which schools I'm most interested in. There are a couple schools that haven't offered that I'm interested in."

He also isn't sticking to any set timeline for making his choice.

"I've gotten to the point where if it feels right I'm going to do it. If I take a visit two weeks from now and I'm like 'Wow, this is crazy, this is awesome,' I'm going to do it," he said. "It could be way on up in the summer after I go see a place or a couple places, then say, 'Where am I the most comfortable?' That's how I am right now. It may change, but I think when I feel the time's right, that's when I'll do it."

Stidham gets a kick out of some of the feedback he receives on social media and from friends, but in the end knows he has to make the decision himself.

"People say go to this place or that place, and my friends say no, no, no go here," he laughed. "Poeple on Twitter always tell me to go to this school or that school, but I don't think much of it. At the end of the day, I have to go where I feel is best for me. It's a huge life decision for me, so I have to do what I think is best."

Stidham suffered a hamstring injury in the football playoffs, and is still trying to play basketball for the District 7-3A-leading Yellow Jackets.

"I'll finally be able to practice (Monday) and I hope to play some Tuesday," he said. "A lot of people are saying it may not be the best idea to play basketball this season, but I've been playing with these guys since we were in the fourth and fifth grades and I'm not going to give up on them after everything we've been through together. We were a team six years ago and we're still a team. Plus it's my last year, because I'm graduating early next year, so it's huge to me to get to play."

Balancing schoolwork, recruiting and basketball can be a difficult task.

"It gets pretty hard sometimes, that's why we mainly focus on recruiting in the summer. Last summer I went to I think eight different schools," Stidham said. "It is hard to balance it, especially during school. During football season we were thinking about going to Oregon, but it meant missing Monday practice during the playoffs so I couldn't do that. Last weekend I went to Baylor's junior day but still had homework and things. I try to get all my schoolwork done before going on a visit."

Stidham won the 3A Division I state championship as a wide receiver with Stephenville in 2012, and hopes to add a second ring before graduating early next December. The Jackets reached the semifinals in 2013.

"Obviously it didn't work out quite the way we wanted last season, but it is what it is. We have some real strong guys coming back, some of us who were part of the 2012 championship team, so we know exactly what it takes," he said. "I think we're going to have some guys step up this year and we'll have a solid team. I fully expect to go far in the playoffs and be contenders again."