The man Chief Pat Bridges calls one of the most level-headed officers he has ever worked with is retiring from the Stephenville Police Department. Captain Travis Calder will retire today after nearly 34 years with the department.

Calder began his career in Dublin before coming to Stephenville and working as a jailer for the Erath County Sheriff's Office and security at Tarleton State University.

He was was promoted to captain of the Administration Services Bureau of SPD and has spent a lifetime working with Erath County residents and said there's nothing he'd rather do.

"I've seen lots of changes, but it's always something different in this job and that's what makes it so interesting," Calder said. "The camaraderie of the people I work with, how close we all are, is something that keeps you coming back. That and helping people in this community make everything worth it."

Calder's desire to help others is one of the things Bridges said the captain is known for, as well as his technical abilities.

"Thirty-nine years says a lot about his dedication and compassion for the citizens of this area," Bridges said. "He is in charge of our most highly technical services and he will be greatly missed."

Calder will be followed by Jason Halsey. He and Cpt. Jason King will be re-classed from captains to deputy police chief. 

"Their jobs will be the same as they've always been, with Halsey taking over Calder's responsibilities," Bridges said. "However, their titles will change to deputy police chief, which is what those positions in other departments are entitled."

Bridges said Calder will be honored by his fellow officers during a private reception at the police station today, his last day on the job.

"He came to work every day with a smile on his face that never leaves," Bridges said. "He doesn't get upset or flustered when working with all the various situations we face daily. His ability to remain calm and work well with complainants and suspects alike have made him a valuable asset to the force. We will miss him."