While Sabi Shrestha isn't exactly sure where she wants to go to college, she's already come a long way nearly 8,000 miles to be exact. The 18-year-old senior at Stephenville High School moved from Nepal, a democratic republic, landlocked in South Asia. The daughter of Bijay Man Shrestha and Sakila Pandey Shrestha said she's excited about graduation and the chance to pursue an undergrad degree biomed, before moving on to her doctorate.

In her free time, Shrestha isn't just about her studies. She enjoys all kinds of dance and plays soccer in the Stephenville City Park on the weekends with her friends.

1. Where did you and your family move from?

Nepal, where we had lived for 17 years. But my father's work brought him here, so the whole family moved with him.

2. What do you like about living in Stephenville?

All the opportunities we have here, like the wonderful education the states offer.

3. What do you enjoy doing most outside of school?

My favorite thing is dancing, all kinds of dancing really. And fashion, reading magazines and looking at all the different kinds of clothes.

4. What advice would you give next year's incoming freshmen?

To stay absolutely strong and driven in your goals. Try your best at everything and take nothing, not even the smallest thing, for granted.

5. What is your favorite memory of Stephenville High School?

Getting to know all the wonderful people here. Everyone was so very kind and open and generous when I first moved here. Everyone was interested in me and making sure I adjusted well. So the people will be my favorite memories.