Teenagers and love can be a complicated mix, not only for the teen, but for parents as well. That's where YouthQuake Live: Central Texas specializes, and their first performance is coming up quick.

According to Deanne Hutson, co-founder of Cross Rock Ministries, YouthQuake Live is an entertainment show performed by youth from local congregations to encourage abstinence.

"Us adults, all we do is facilitate the event. It will be full of skits, music, videos and a lot of entertainment," Hutson said. "The kids chose everything and it's going to be awesome."

Entertainment will include The Love Mechanic, who will answer questions from the audience on love in a comedic and Christian manner, and The Free Musketeers.

"My husband and I understand that kids aren't going to really listen to a 40 year old lady on abstinence and so we thought the best way would be for them to hear from someone their own age who they can relate with," she said.

With the teenage years sometimes difficult, Hutson is excited about the event and possibly steering some confused youth in the right direction.

"These kids that are performing have the answers to a better life. This is entertainment with a purpose. The kids can come and have fun and find out it's not a snooze to be a Christian," she said. "It can really help them find some answers or build their faith."

The first performance will take place from 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, at Community Baptist Church in Dublin. Youth between the ages of 12-19 are welcome to attend the free event.