I would like to share my view of my familyís current position with DISD. Since our issue with the school has become public, I have observed many different peopleís opinions and reactions. Some people agree with our position, others disagree, and some donít comment.

One thing I have noticed is that our position has been misinterpreted and mischaracterized in many different instances. Many people have commented that the main reason behind our argument is for class rank. They are wrong. The whole issue is that I was never informed that I had any zeroes, and I was never allowed to correct them, per state law.

Weíve proven this multiple times, and all we have asked is for me to have the same opportunity offered to every other student. The others at the top of my class are my close friends.

The fact is that they were offered what I wasnít, and itís only fair and right that Iím allowed to correct. I even took a polygraph test that proved I was not lying when I stated that I didnít know I had any zeroes prior to our meeting with the school on Feb. 11, 2013. I would also like to state that we have not been running down the school.

We have simply stated facts, and relayed exactly what weĎve been told and been through. Itís not our fault that certain people chose to make the decisions they did. I also find it disrespectful and immature that adults and my own teachers are posting on public forums in response to my parents. Theyíve posted some very rude comments and responses in our direction. How are we, the youth, expected to be mature and civil and not talk bad about others when the very people who preach that to us are doing those exact things themselves?

The fact of the matter is that thereís a problem and those that are supposed to handle those problems arenít. I am disappointed in people I used to look up to. I hope that the community will realize that certain issues need to be addressed and that they will address them, and I hope that certain school officials will step up and start doing what they were hired to do.

Cheyenne Holt