Things can get tricky sometimes.

And two candidates running in two different races is causing some confusion. It has to do with their names.

Tab Thompson is seeking his sixth term as county judge. His nephew, Blake Thompson, is running against Bart McDougal for county court at law judge.

"It's a unique situation and there has been a lot of confusion," Tab said. "People keep asking, 'Why is Blake running against Tab?'"

The short answer, of course, is he's not.

The two offices are completely separate and have very different duties.

The county judge's office oversees the day-to-day business of the county, presiding over commissioners' court and compiling and presenting the county's budget.

"My office oversees the administrative and business end of county government," Tab said.

County court at law probates wills and oversees juvenile and DWIs cases among other duties.

The Erath County Court at Law was established in 1993, just one year prior to Thompson first becoming elected in 1994. McDougal has been serving as county court at law judge since then.

The county court at law race will be decided in the Republican Party Primary on Tuesday, March 4.