Six fires in two days kept Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue busy over the weekend.

Fire Coordinator Chris Brooks told Erath County commissioners Monday that with the current moisture, residents are burning more. However, the rains haven't helped the dead grass and underbrush which catch fire and burn out of control.

"The situation we are faced with right now is that there is moisture in the ground," Brooks said. "But we are still having fires and the trucks are going to these fires and getting stuck which can be an even bigger danger."

Brooks said the current KBDI is averaging about 114 with a maximum of 273 and a minimum of 23. KBDI (Keetch-Byram Drought Index) is used to determine fire potential. 

The 14-day outlook for the area has Erath County at an average of 189, with a max of 330 and a minimum of 108. Brooks said the combination of high winds and warm temperatures the next few days presents a fire danger, and recommended reinstating the burn ban. 

But County Judge Tab Thompson said since the issue was not on the agenda, commissioners could not vote on it during Monday's meeting.

Thompson reminded residents to inform local dispatchers of controlled burns so as not to send out volunteers unnecessarily.

"We just need residents to consider weather conditions and their surroundings when burning," said commissioner Dee Stephens. "Just use common sense and caution when burning trash, trees or debris."