Sharon Garza’s son Xavier has no doubt that Santa Claus exists. And now, thanks to a secret Santa who delivered stockings filled with special treats to area residents on Christmas Eve, others believe as well.

“We were staying with my in-laws in Stephenville for the holiday and my 10-year-old has friends who no longer believe,” Garza said. “Xavier’s been saying he isn’t sure if he believes anymore either, but for his little sisters’ sakes, he doesn’t say much. Then, when we found that stocking on the roof of the garage, he was completely convinced his friends were nuts.”

Garza said her son was riding his new bike Christmas morning and came tearing back into the house to say something was on the roof.

And they weren’t the only ones who found a surprise stocking.

David Baskett, who lives on Prairie Wind Drive, said his in-laws spotted the stocking on his roof when they came over on Christmas Day.{/span}

“We all went outside to see what it was about,” Baskett said. “I lifted my five-year-old up and she grabbed it from the roof. Both Piper (his daughter) and my 18-month-old son were definitely excited. Piper was telling everyone Santa must have dropped it from his sleigh. She’s been talking about it nonstop.”

Former E-T reporter Amanda Kimble also received a candy-filled stocking.

“My dad climbed up on the roof and got it down. There was chocolate inside,” Kimble said.

Kimble said her daughter, Amara, and her 10-year-old cousin were excited that Santa’s bag of presents had sprung a leak.

Another resident, Lori Campbell, said her 12-year-old was more confused than excited upon discovering the stocking on their roof in the Tanglewood area. She said they were definitely cautious about the idea of eating the candy since they have no idea who it came from.

“The one from our roof had several small candy bars in it with no note or markings of any sort. It’s all still laying on the kitchen counter,” Campbell said. “There is another on the roof of a house on Ben Hogan still this afternoon (Thursday). I was tempted to go see if it was the same or not, but haven’t gone over to check it out.”

Stephenville residents, like the Slawson family and the Patrick family, also found stockings on their roofs Christmas Day. Daniel Patrick said his son climbed up from the side of their home and took down a little red stocking filled with candy. And Shelby Slawson posted pictures of her family’s discovery on her Facebook page.

Susan Warren said her family found a stocking on their shrubs near their front porch late Christmas Eve when she went out to check on something before going to bed.

“We had five grandkids here and I told them it fell out of Santa’s sleigh. They were wide-eyed and definitely curious about where it came from. It had them worried that someone was missing a stocking, but we assured them everyone would get plenty,” Warren said. “It really was a neat thing, even all the adults in my house were wondering where it came from.”

As Christmas Day wore on, more and more of Warren’s neighbors found them in their yards and on their roofs as well. And even though theories abound, no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the act, leaving many Stephenville children convinced it was the big man himself.