When the kids at Central Elementary head back to school on Jan. 7 they won't be the only ones trying to get used to the new campus, the parents will also have to learn an entire new pick-up and drop-off routine.

Arrival procedures will have two different drop off points.

The first is the new cafeteria entrance on Baxter Street. Staff will be on duty at this location at 7:10 a.m. and will assist the child once they are dropped off.

The second location is the Annex circle drive entry. Staff will not be at this location until 7:45. Buses use this location as their main drop off point, so parents will not be allowed to drop off at this location until the buses have completed drop off.

Both drop off areas will close at 8 a.m. and any child who is late will be required to check in at the office through the front doors facing McNeil Street.

The departure procedures are where some parents may face confusion. In all there will be three separate departure points.

Route one will be the Baxter Street entrance and the following classes will be dismissed from that location; Thomas, Childs, Wittie, and M. Esquivel. Once the child has been picked up, cars departing should move to the appropriate turn lane to turn onto Washington Street.

Route two will include those that are in the classes of Watkins, McLeroy, Cowan, Farrow, Perez and Conlee and will depart from the Paradigm building located at 555 W. Washington Street. These students will be taken by bus to the Paradigm building and pick up lines will be coned to direct the flow of traffic. If parents wish to park and walk up to their child then they should park in the Baptist Church parking lot.

Route three will include the classes of Rose, Daleiden, Surles, Proffitt, Brinkley, Light, Kostecka, R. Esquivel and Rudd. The pick-up point will be at the Annex Circle Drive entry and cars are required to remain in one line and not to park in the Annex Circle Drive or on McNeil Street if you're going to exit your car. Cars departing from this area will be required to to go straight on McNeill, which will be a one-way. Also, all pre-kindergarten students will be dismissed in this area at 11 a.m.

When picking up students at any location parents are required to hold the car tag with the child's name and his/her teacher's name where the staff member with the bull horn can read it. The staff member will then announce the name of the child and will also tell the parent the name of an icon for the child and the parent to meet at and load.

If parents or guardians do not have a tag they will have to pick up their child at the Annex Office.

Assistant superintendent of business and finance Deborah Hummel spoke on the importance of the parents being aware of the traffic changes.

"We really appreciate the patience and the parents cooperation with this matter. It's vital that parents respond with the appropriate behavior so we can keep the children safe," she said. "It's not the best situation at this time but it's only until spring break and then we will have the best traffic arrangement we've had yet."