Local outdoorsman Jay Presti has featured plenty of interesting guests on his outdoors show Blue Collar Adventures. Today he's adding Texas Governor Rick Perry to the list.

Today's episode of Blue Collar Adventures features Texas and how its economic advantages and support for gun rights makes the Lone Star state an attractive place for gun manufacturers and related business looking to relocate.

The show airs at noon CST today and each Tuesday on NBC Sports, channel 603 on DirecTV and channel 159 on DishNetwork.

"We were able to go and visit with the governor about our state's economy and how Texas is such a big supporter of second amendment rights," said Presti. "The show is really all about Texas, why gun manufacturers are looking into relocating here and how that can create revenue and jobs for the state."

A local real estate agency is even helping with the push.

"Brooks Real Estate here in town got behind bringing the gun manufacturer Colt to Breckenridge, and they are working with other manufacturers, too," Presti said. "There's even one looking at coming to Stephenville."

Blue Collar Adventures has featured several local outdoorsmen, including youth such as world champion shooter Baylor Brooks. The show moved from Versus to NBC Sports with the start of its fourth season last year.