Kittie Harris Minter, born in 1892, graduated from Bluff Dale High School in 1913 at the age of 20. She’d gone to a small country school earlier, but after a little delay, her father wanted her to continue her education. He gave it some thought and rented a room for her in Bluff Dale where she finished school and earned her diploma.

Marionelle Frizzell, her oldest living descendant, says Kittie was always proud of her graduation from high school.

“Her diploma was framed and hung on the wall her whole life,” she said.

Today it’s displayed at Bluff Dale School.

This past week, Kittie Harris Minter’s family, including six of her great-great-grandchildren who also attend Bluff Dale School, marked the 100th anniversary of her graduation. In attendance were the children of Rue and Steve Taylor, the first three students listed, and Christopher Taylor, the second three students listed. The cousins are:

• Madi, 13, in seventh grade; River, 11, in sixth grade; and Cole, 10, in fourth grade.

• Brittany, 12, in sixth grade; Haley, 11, in fifth grade; and Brandon, 8, in third grade.

There have been two school buildings built in Bluff Dale since Kittie Minter graduated, but the family farm still exists half a mile from Highway 377. Frizzell says the cousins are the seventh generation to have lived on that same parcel of land.

“We divided the 55 acres among the children. Two of my children and two grandchildren have homes on the farm. The railroad divided the farm," Frizzell said. "Across the railroad, two of the children have their homes. One has miniature horses on her land. The other daughter – her son lives there, who is the father of three of the children. They fish out of the Paluxy River and swim back there. That’s their back yard.”

She adds that her family originally came from Georgia.

“Right after the civil war, my husband’s grandfather sent for his grandsons to come to Texas. They were so oppressed in Georgia, and land was cheap in Texas, so he bought up all the land he could and sent for his family to come.”