Sometimes exactly what you’re looking for is within arm’s reach and you completely miss it. How many of us have said after the fact, “Why the heck didn’t I see that?”

Stephenville is home to such a place, a gem of a bed and breakfast just south of the South Loop on Hwy. 108, less than three minutes from the town square right down Graham Street.

Lazy Days Bed and Breakfast is owned and operated by Donna and Scott Crawford. It has rustic charm, while at the same time being comfortable, beautifully-appointed and affordable. Here’s what we learned:

Q: Running a bed and breakfast is a full-time operation. How and when did you become inn keepers?

Donna: We bought this place with a bed and breakfast in mind; we bought it in July of 2008 and opened for business in October of that same year. Having a place like this is something I always wanted to do. We’d opened our home to special musicians or visiting speakers at church and I just loved cooking and entertaining and taking care of people. So it just kind of fit my personality

At that time, we didn’t have all the hotels we have in Stephenville now, and there was only one bed and breakfast in town, so we thought there was a place for another one.

Q: Can you tell us a little about how you run the Lazy Days B&B?

Donna: We’re open year round, first of all. We have three cabins and three rooms in the house. We also have a covered pavilion, pool and hot tub. Our maximum occupancy would be around 28.

We host mostly individuals but we do get some of the Tarleton parents who stay here for the years their kids are in school. Some of the folks who come in for Clinton Anderson’s clinics at Down Under Horsemanship will stay here and the same for some of the vendors that come for the Larry Joe Taylor festival.

One interesting thing is that we get people from all over the world. The State Department has a program where they bring people in from foreign countries to see how things are done in our part of the United States.

Scott: We’ve had guests from Morocco, England, Germany, India, all over the place.

Donna: It’s really fun, especially if they stay for eight or 10 days. You really get comfortable with them and often they’ll cook something from their native cuisine for everybody, which is just great.

You just get to meet so many people you’d never meet in a million years otherwise, so that’s kind of a bonus we get from owning a bed and breakfast.

Q: Do you have just regular folks coming in too, for things such as anniversaries and so on?

Scott: Oh, yeah, we get a lot of people who just want to stay the night or a day or two.

Donna: We do that and if they’re out in one of the cabins, we’ll bring breakfast or a bottle of wine out to them there. But we’ve also had people come and stay for several months, too.

Scott: When they were putting up these power lines all around here, we had several of the supervisors staying here for two or three months at a time.

Donna: We also host wedding receptions, birthday parties, reunions, just about anything with 100 people or less.

Lazy Days Bed and Breakfast is located at 1912 S. State Highway 108 (1912 S. Graham St.) in Stephenville. Look for the small covered wagons on the two gateposts at the entrance. You can call them at 254-965-5843 or visit the website at