Henderson Junior High's girls 'C' teams claimed round-robin tournament championships in fields comprised of opponents' 'B' teams in Brownwood last weekend.

The seventh grade Honeybees went 3-0 in the event, outscoring opponents by an average of 19 points while receiving just one strong test.

The Bees slammed Bangs 'B' 45-6, clipped Brownwood 'B' 16-11 and thumped Mason 'B' 21-8.

Three Bees reached double figures against Bangs, led by Savannah Ivey with 16 points. Lauren Beaty added 14 and Bianka Combs had 10. Cody Hawks and Reece Kilgore scored two each and Emily Kirbo contributed one.

Against Brownwood, Beaty scored 10 points, Ivey four, Combs one and Marisah Johnson one.

Against Mason, Beaty netted 10 again, while Combs scored seven. Johnson and Ivey each chipped in with two.

The eighth grade club went 2-1 but still won the event. They slammed shutout Mason 3-0, edged Brownwood 23-19 and lost to Comanche 22-17.

Against Mason, Alexis De los Santos netted 11 poins, Mya Wallace added eight and Mattie Hardcastle had five. Ashton Garner, Paige Dennis, Sierrah Martinez and Caylan Baugh scored two each and Kayliana Castillo added one.

Against Brownwood, Dennis scored 10 and De los Santos six. Hardcastle had four, Garner two and Wallace one.

De los Santos led the way with seven points against Comanche. Castillo scored four and Dennis, Martinez and Hardcastle had two each.