The search for the hidden medallion is finally over, and now two very happy women will enjoy a $500 shopping spree at Wal-Mart.

Jackie Spikes of Eastland and Zandra Jordan of Comanche had been searching for the medallion since the contest began.

The duo, who both work at Salyer Chiropractic Clinic in Dublin, analyzed the daily clues together and took turns searching for the coveted prize.

"There were days when I would hold down the office and tell her to go look for it, and some days I would look for it," Jordan said with a laugh.

Even last week's ice storm wasn't enough to keep the women down.

"My boss just told me not to slip and fall or run off the road," Jordan said.

Spikes found the hidden medallion on the back of the Dublin city limits sign about 7 a.m. Monday.

"I looked up and saw it wrapped in paper," Spikes said. "I was so excited. I had to jump about three times to knock it off!"

The women contacted the Empire-Tribune about their find Monday morning and claimed their prize that afternoon.

Jordan said she hasn't yet decided how who will spend her winnings, but Spikes said she will spend her portion on her new grandchild that was expected to be born Monday.

"It's been a really good day!" Spikes said. "First, we found the medallion and now I get to see my new grand baby!"