May could bring some heat to Dublin, or to the city council race anyway. Word around town is that two of the four incumbents up for re-election may have a race on their hands.

While Dublin City Hall won't start accepting applications to run for seats in Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 until January, many of the incumbents are already preparing to file for re-election and rumors abound about competition.

"I will run again, yes," said Gaylon Craddock, Ward 3. "I've had two or three of my constituents ask me to, so I suppose I'll give it another run."

Fred Lisso, who was appointed to the unexpired term in Ward 4 when Amy James moved out of the city limits, will have to run for election to the seat for the first time in May. He said he isn't sure if he will run again.

"I honestly haven't thought about it much yet," Lisso said. "I'm not sure, we're just going to have to wait and see."

Darrell Curry, who is up for re-election in Ward 2, was unable to be reached by press time, but officials believe he will run again. Tom Sanchez, who lives in Ward 2, said his neighbor was talking about running, but he wasn't sure if the man would run against Curry or wait until the 2015 election.

"He just said he was thinking about running," Sanchez said. "Who knows what anyone will do when it comes down to deadline time. I know it's a big job, one I sure wouldn't want to do."

Longtime council member Jimmy Leatherwood, whose seat is in Ward 1, is also up for re-election. He said he will run again and hopes voters will give him the opportunity to continue serving the city.

"I'll probably run again, yes," Leatherwood said. "I think residents see the changes we're making and are pleased. I hope they give us the chance to continue in the right direction."