Some people just don't get into the holiday spirit.

In the past week, thieves have stolen two small ATVs or four-wheelers in Dublin.

Dublin Police Chief Shawn Fullagar released a crime alert warning residents to lock up items that can be carried away from homes, yards and garages. In addition, Fullagar said neither of the owners of the vehicles had serial numbers so the items cannot be entered into the statewide law enforcement database.

"This is problematic because other police agencies might encounter the vehicles and never know they are stolen," Fullagar said. "One of the best ways to protect yourself and improve your chances of law enforcement recovering your property is to have serial numbers. If it has no serial number, the next best thing is to etch an identifying number onto it. For property that cannot be marked, such as jewelry, photographs are very helpful."

Fullagar said the No. 1 way to prevent theft is to lock up and secure all items that could be removed from the property. He said the ATVs were small enough to be picked up by two or three people and put in the back of a pickup or trailer.

"We don't have any suspects right now, but we will continue to investigate these thefts. Sometimes our agency or another will get these guys if they take them in groups, but right now that's all we've got to go on," Fullagar said. "ATVs are really a hot commodity because they don't require tags so law enforcement has to pull serial numbers, if they've got them."

Anyone with information about the thefts should call Dublin police at 445-3455.