Football games and local events aren't the only activities the weather has wreaked havoc on these past few days. Tarleton State University has rescheduled the majority of its final exams, irritating many of its students who must now postpone plans to head home for Christmas.

The closings on campus forced the university to reschedule the finals from last Monday and Tuesday to next week - after Saturday's graduation ceremony. 

The rescheduling has caused a rift between the faculty who made the decision, and students have begun to lash out on social media sites like Twitter. 

On Monday, Courtney Sloan tweeted, "Dear Tarleton, quit canceling and rescheduling finals. Either put it online or cancel them altogether. WE WANT TO GO HOME."

Kamron Poppell tweeted, "Just put our finals online Tarleton."

Vice president of Student Life Rusty Jergins said the decision was made to keep students safe.

"We have been very concerned of the safety and well-being of the faculty, staff and students and the ability to get to campus these past few days which have caused us to make some modifications to the schedule," Jergins said.

Students who were able to make it on campus Tuesday disagreed with the university's decision to reschedule the exams. 

"I hate it. I'm from South Dakota and that's 17 hours away. I had things planned to go home and things I needed to do at home and it's a really big inconvenience to have to wait until next week," said Chet Smith. 

Students weren't the only ones chiming in on the disapproval. In a campus wide email sent to students, one professor responded by saying, "This is STUPID why are you doing this?"  

Jergins, however, is sticking by the decision.

"It's unfortunate the weather happened right in the middle of finals, but I think we have been able to maintain the safety and well-being of everyone and that has been the first and foremost of our concern," he said.