Some natives of these parts indicate this year’s pecan crop is almost zero.

 Ye OLD Columnist was able to verify the foregoing statement this past week as I listened to my six-year-old Papillon dog, Lacy, talk with her backyard friends, Sam and Susan Squirrel.

During one of  Lacy’s excursions to the backyard, I overheard Lacy, Sam and Susan having a discussion about the 2013 pecan crop.

When the trio first caught my listening ear, Sam seemed to have the floor or should I say “ground.” 

“Well, Lacy, it appears this year’s pecan crop will be almost non-existent. It’s the leanest crop Susan and I have experienced in years. Last year’s pecan supply turned out to be a good one, although earlier in 2012, it seemed we might have a sparse year.”

Susan chimed in, “Yep, Lacy, Sam is right. Last year was a whopper; however, this year is a completely different story. I’m so glad we ‘squirreled away’ our pecans last year. Without our stored pecans for ‘a rainy day,’ we would be in bad trouble this year.”

Lacy was finally able to get in a word, “Gosh, I didn’t know all this. This time last year, I was living in Bailey, Texas. in Fannin County, near Bonham. I did note in Mandy”s diary (YOC’s 10-year-old Papillon, who passed away in May) she had a notation about the 2012 pecan crop turning out to be a good one.”

The reference to Mandy’s diary, apparently caught the attention of Sam as he exclaimed,”Man, I didn’t know Mandy had a diary. I knew she was good at writing. She used to help Dr. C. with his weekly column for the local paper. What did Mandy have to say about Susan and me?”

Lacy quickly explained, “Oh, she had a number of references to you. She valued your friendship and she indicated her enjoyment in talking with you. I think one could safely say Mandy had you at the top of the list of her friends,”

Susan responded, “Yes, Mandy was one of our closest friends, too. We knew she had a heart murmur, but we didn’t realize how serious the condition was. Her death really shook up Sam and me. We miss her – especially her outlook on life. She was always upbeat and so active.”

With that comment, the conversation ceased. Sam and Susan headed for their home high atop one of the nearby pecan trees.  Lacy returned to the house to get a drink of water from her water bowl in the kitchen and take a quick nap.

Time marches on

Fifteen days from today will be Christmas – the most wonderful year of the year. And then a week later, a new year, 2014, will make its “grand entrance.” First thing we know Spring will be here with the cold weather gradually easing away and taking a “back seat.”

We’ve  experienced some rather cold weather this year. Perhaps the Christmas season will be a mild winter time.

Another balloon voice

A nice call from Marilyn Ewers of  Stephenville brought interesting information to Ye OLD Columnist (Y0C).  

Her call related to  last week’s column about  the Japanese balloons bringing  dangerous bombs to this area during the last days of World War II.  Three or four of these bombs landed in the Cross Timbers.

Ms. Ewers has a great interest in history, and she has a file on these balloons.

’TIL NEXT TIME – “An honest man never shakes hands with himself  in congratulations.” – William Allen White (1868-1944), American newspaper publisher.

Dr. Stuart Chilton, a retired educator/journalist, lives in Stephenville.