Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

As I was looking back into the old “Milling Around”, I found that the first column was on Oct. 17, 2004. That was a busy year in Morgan Mill because we opened the new Community Center for the first time on Thursday, Dec. 16, for the annual Senior Citizens Christmas party. Friday, Dec. 17, was the first live Nativity in Morgan Mill at the Tabernacle. Leading up to that night, I remember Jeanette Halliday standing up in the Morgan Mill Methodist Church one Sunday saying, “What this town needs is a live Nativity.” The idea was born. The first Nativity was not like the live Nativity that will take place this Saturday at the Community Center at 5:30. I remembered a cold night in MM in 2004. As “Milling Around” stated, “Hot chocolate brewing, sound system playing, the manger lit and the lights go out.” The old Tabernacle wiring was not ready for the MM presentation. The first costumes which, we were glad to get came from Tarleton. Verbie Burns has always had the angel position. Joseph in 2004 was Randy Price, and Caitlyn Cline and Rachel Price changed out as Mary. James and Krissi Gilliss also portrayed Mary and Joseph in the first program. Debra and Gailen Parker have always kept the hot chocolate pouring since the beginning. The hot soups and sandwiches did not start until 2007. Sandy Sandstrom got busy after the first Nativity and hand made all of the beautiful costumes that we use now. From time to time, she would add a new character or make an additional angel or shepherds costume.

Yvonne Lindenmeier, who started as an angel, is now our narrator. The best thing that happened was the opening of the Community Center and a permanent site for the pageant was created. John Sandstrom fixed the electrical problems by wiring the new Community Center with plenty of circuits. He is always fine tuning the electrical with a permanent lighting bar for all of the characters. Instead of recorded music, David Quinn and Kim Jones will be performing the old traditional Christmas favorite songs. The community choir was created the following year and is still going strong. If you are interested in being a part of that choir, come to rehearsal on Friday night at 5:30. There is always room for one more voice.

The question is “Who are going to be the characters this year?” A new face as Mary will be Lindsay Minix. Cheyenne Carlson will no longer be angel wrangler; she will be the new inn keeper’s daughter. The inn keeper this year will be James Gilliss. Sandi Wright has stepped in as assistant director to help Mike Lincoln and Ann Andrews will be helping Sandy Sandstrom. Gary Spindor will be giving up his shepherd’s costume to become lighting assistant to John Sandstrom. There are 16 main costumed characters in this presentation. It is exciting and hopefully all of the bad weather will have passed. Just in case, the show must go on and if necessary the program will be done inside the Community Center. No bad weather day! Come and celebrate what this season is all about. Bring a blanket and there will be plenty of hot chocolate and hot soup.

Yes, the store is reopening. Monday is the day for free pizza and drinks to get acquainted with Aamir Jivani. The hours are from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Remember the Senior Citizen Christmas party was postponed until the 19. This Saturday is Breakfast weekend in MM.