Owner Susan Birchfield’s classy, new event venue just off the courthouse square in Stephenville is a unique, upscale spot for get-togethers of up to 50 people. This welcoming, smartly designed and appointed facility is perfect for dinner parties, business luncheons, intimate concerts, seminars, children’s parties, or any event where an intimate, comfortable feeling is what’s desired.

Mary Hall and Martha Taylor are the hands-on people involved in everything from booking, to marketing to management of events. We sat down with Taylor to find out more:

Q: The Cellar is obviously a one-of-a-kind venue for small events in the Stephenville area. How did this business come about and how did you decide on the décor and theme?

A: It’s really a conglomerate of lots of peoples’ ideas and contributions. People would step into this space and say, “This would be a great place to have a party or a private dinner,” that sort of thing. It sprang from that.

We wanted to provide an intimate, bistro-like setting; nothing too over the top, just something elegant and inviting. We’re not completely done with our interior design, but we love it so far. Kaylee Pemberton is in charge of that for us.

Q: You have a really cozy bar here. Do you have a liquor license or is it BYOB?

A: We don’t have a liquor license so it’s bring-your-own. And about the bar, yes, it’s really a special space. Local wood sculptor Chris Hammack did the woodwork and he’s performed here, too. As you can see, we have a small stage in the front, which lends itself to intimate concerts with one or two performers.

Q: Are the events catered, or do you have a full-on kitchen here at The Cellar that your patrons can utilize?

A: We can do both. If people want their events catered, we’re in the process of setting up a recommended-caterers list, or they can use whomever they prefer.

We also have a full kitchen in the back, so people can prepare their own dinner for their event. And of course a lot of people like to hire a chef. Either way, this kitchen is all set up for that.

There’s a convenient loading door in the back of the kitchen so loading and unloading are easy. Just pull up your van and you’re as close to the kitchen as it gets. Only a couple of steps and you’re inside.

The Cellar’s a work in progress, as is the kitchen. We plan for it to continue to be a place that’s constantly improving. We want feedback and suggestions as to how we can do anything here better.

The Cellar is located at 230 West College near the Courthouse Square. For booking and pricing information, call 254-968-4420, or e-mail TheCellar@yahoo.com. You can visit them at Facebook.com/thecellarstephenville.