The hot topic at the Stephenville City Council meeting Tuesday was the approval of the final plat of block nine of the Green Acres addition, which is 5.02 acres of land that will eventually become a housing area in Stephenville. 

The council began the discussion by examining the plat, which had favorable recognition from the Planning and Zoning Commission, and it didn't take long for council members to start asking questions. 

The main point of discussion involved the east to west Tab Street that would run on the south side of the houses. The issue concerned a question as to what designation Tab Street was, a collector or a residential street. 

The difference between the two, according to the Stephenville 2030 Comprehensive Plan, is that a collector street collects traffic and funnels it to other roads. A residential street has little through movement and only requires a 50 foot right-of-way, which Tab Street has. 

As of now Tab Street is designated as a residential street but there has been talk about Tab or another street that's east of Dale becoming a collector street. 

The question was brought up by councilman Doug Svien.

"If Tab Street is going to be a collectors street then I would have thought that it would have had 40 feet of pavement," Svien said. "I just want to make sure we discuss the development cost because the city would have a participation in that cost."

City Administrator Mark Kaiser said Tab Street needs to be a collector street if at all possible, however, the council can't make a developer put in a collector street because of an existing right-of-way designation. 

The council postponed the discussion for a later date and voted to approve the final plat of the Green Acres addition unanimously.