The Stephenville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the recommended appointments from the Nominations Committee.

The only comment given on the recommendations was given by Russ McDanel, Place 4, who noted that the Planning and Zoning Commission only featured two women compared to eight men and that in the future the nominations be more diverse.

Chairman of the Nominations Committee and councilman Dr. Malcolm Cross responded by saying, "The diversity of membership is a function of those who choose to voluntarily apply for membership and it has always been our policy to make the best appointments available without regard to gender or any other irrelevant factor."

The Nominations Committee continued its report with the consideration of supporting the Texas Municipal League resolutions. Twenty-five resolutions were considered and only one was questioned.

Councilman McDanel cited that he had a "problem with number nine regarding sobriety checkpoints. It has to do with a violation of our constitutional rights." He noted that sobriety checkpoints are currently illegal in Texas and noted recent incidents in Dallas-Ft. Worth with off duty police officers performing illegal checkpoints.

The council voted 5-1 to approve the 25 original resolutions. Council members Cross, Scott Evans, Doug Svien, Brady Pendleton and Alan Nix outvoted councilman McDanel to pass the resolutions.

Also on the agenda was the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Report. Director of Community Services Drew Wells gave the financial report on Splashville and also recommended the council approve a modification of the City Park Master Plan to include the addition of a disc golf course. The council voted unanimously to accept both.

Towards the end of the meeting, city administrator Mark Kaiser spoke on recent road construction projects. First he mentioned that Alexander Road is currently open, however, the total project is not yet complete and that the installation of the traffic light on Ollie and Washington is expected to begin after Jan. 1.