The Tejas Brothers are making another trip to Stephenville this month and the only thing they have on their Christmas checklist is putting on a great show.

The band, who has been in the game since 2006, are not what most would consider typical Texas country. The band consists of Dave Perez on accordion and vocals, John Garza on bass and vocals, Derek Groves on vocals and Beau Johnson on drums and vocals.

"Whenever some music-lovers go out to a show it probably isn't as ordinary. There's a sound to it that's different," Garza said of his band's uniqueness. "It's been beneficial to be different, but at the same time people also have a confused look on their face sometimes. We just play what we grew up listening to."

The Tejas Brothers credit much of their success to local legend Larry Joe Taylor.

"We played at Larry Joe Taylor Fest the year all the really bad storms rolled through. The big stage had to be shut down because of multiple tornados that had touched down in Lipan and it forced us to play an all acoustic show," Garza said. "No one else had the equipment to play acoustic and we let Cross Canadian Ragweed use our equipment to keep the show going and Larry said the Tejas Brothers saved his festival. We've been close ever since."

The band is excited about coming back to Stephenville where they are always welcomed with a big crowd.

"It's like going home. We get to come back to where we started and get to enjoy the Stephenville community," Garza said. "Whenever we get a chance to play in Stephenville we take it because just everything there is great."

The Tejas Brothers will take the stage at T-Birds Garage Pub at Melody Mountain Ranch Saturday, Dec. 7. The doors will open at 6 p.m.

Tickets are available online at