The Santa Lost His Gift challenge is underway - and readers of the Empire-Tribune are wondering where this year's medallion is hidden. 

The clues to the hidden medallion can be found in each daily edition of the E-T inside a present on one of the pages. The first person to find the medallion will receive a $500 shopping spree at Wal-Mart. 

"It's very important that you keep up with the paper because if you miss one clue than it can throw you off track," said Circulation Director Daryl Robinson. 

The medallion is well hidden but not extraordinary measures will be needed to recover it, such as digging a hole or climbing a ladder. No hints as to what the medallion looks like will be given but the individual will know when it's found. The medallion will not be hidden on private property, in a cemetery or any school. 

The first person to find the medallion and return it to the Empire-Tribune office during regular business hours will win the shopping spree. 

"It's a really fun game that we hope the community will participate in and enjoy playing," Robinson said.