Handsome hunks "beauty contests" have been a staple fundraiser in Hood County for three years. But now the competition has found a new place.

The Handsome Hunks of Erath County will kick off at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 8 at City Hall at City Limits. There local ladies can have the fun of watching area businessmen, community leaders and professionals strut their stuff for a good cause. All proceeds from the event will go toward the county's Meals on Wheels organization. The price of a $35 ticket will afford hunk aficionados an opportunity to see such noteworthy citizens as Mayor Kenny Weldon, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Vanden Berge, Stephenville ISD Athletic Director Joseph Gillespie and attorney Brady Pendleton walk the catwalk. They will join eight other handsome philanthropists willing to endure a bit of ribbing from the audience in order to make money to help feed senior citizens. The program will showcase the gentlemen's choices in both business and casual attire. A short interview of trivial questions will also be part of the pageant. Contestants are sure to receive some teasing from the audience, but their endeavor will be worth the effort. "It's getting me out there in the community and to be involved," Vanden Berge explained of his willingness to participate. "It's to show support for Meals on Wheels, which is important." He is good natured in regard to the joshing he knows he and his fellow contestants will likely have to tolerate. "It's all part of the fun," he said. Annexed alongside the contest will be a date with a bachelor auction with ladies having an opportunity to bid on the man with whom they would most like to spend an evening. Empire-Tribune sports editor Brad Keith elected to take part in that leg of the event. "It sounded like fun and it's for a good cause," he said. "I'm looking forward to a good time it'll be something different and unique that can also help people." Tickets will be available at Mulberry Manor, the Empire-Tribune office and IntegraCare Home Health Stephenville. Coordinator Lisa Pendleton is willing to make ticket deliveries and can be reached at 817-715-1682.