Thank you for your fine coverage of the recent Juneteenth celebration. The end of slavery was a long time coming and then to not be told to those who were freed when they were. I'm sure two months seemed too long. Still when they were told it would have been such a glorious time, they handled that very well just to know finally the time had come.

The celebration of such a time as this should never and will never be forgotten by so many of us, not just the ancestors of the ones who were freed. I have found it to be more every year as people are aware of every creed and color to be thankful as they learn more about how such a cruel thing as slavery was allowed for so long.

Many people are wanting to know more because many more are getting to know about other people whose ancestors were not exactly the same as theirs, we should all feel this way.

I well remember as a young girl living with my family in Proctor and since we had no means of transportation we rode the bus. That experience was where I learned some of the unfair practices that still were much in effect in our society. Our grandparents where never treated disrespectfully nor did they treat others that way, because of that we never understood others being treated that way.

The first time a precious little lady got on the full bus I immediately got up to give her my seat. She was having difficulty walking, a young man that was helping her had a frightened look on his face when I did that and I didn't understand why. Two men from the back of the bus came up and helped her to a seat in the back. My mother explained to me the fear they probably felt and said she was sure they will always remember what I did. I cried when I thought about it, I was doing unto others as I had always been taught and it could of turned out badly. I learned early we should always try to become part of the solution not part of the problem.

My son's father who was from New York, lived around all races and treated all people the same. He had asked me to go to a revival service with him, I was overjoyed, I loved that type of church service and we loved St. Johns Baptist Church when we visited there and where this Juneteenth Celebration was held, everybody watches out for every one, has for many years.

Again thank anyone who was in anyway involved in our celebration this year and especially you Mr. Mayor (Kenny Weldon). Stephenville has some good folks in every corner getting more all the time. See ya'll next year!

With much gratitude for all you did,

Judith Pogue