Stephenville ISD Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd added another accolade to his file when he moved into the position of president of a state association dedicated to promoting the best of leadership qualities among the state's administrators.

The Texas Association of School Administrators, or TASA, is an administrators' organization whose numbers include roughly 900 superintendents among its 2,235 members.

"There are a number of other administrators ranging from directors, assistant superintendents and principals," Floyd said.

Floyd had previously been serving as president-elect of the organization but took on presidential duties this month, a stint that will last for one year.

"You work your way up," he explained. "First you are elected to vice president, and the next year you become president-elect. Then the next year you move up to president."

Floyd described TASA as having a group of leaders that lends a hand in running the organization. These men and women represent nearly 30 school districts from throughout the state with Floyd at the helm.

"We get together periodically throughout the year to discuss issues pertinent to both school administrators and their school districts," he said. "For instance, we have a governmental relations arm that works with legislators during legislative session."

Despite the prestige of his position as TASA president, Floyd maintains his focus on those young charges he oversees as an educator.

"One of the best things about me taking over in that role is that our students get to perform at the school board convention," he said.

That convention is a joint effort between TASA and the Texas Association of School Boards that will be held at the Dallas Convention Center this fall. SISD students have already been chosen to give a presentation at the convention. All of the district's campuses will be represented as those selected will range from the youngest of learners to high schoolers. The production will be under the direction of Stephenville High School art teacher Emily McLemore and theatre instructor Mindy Pope. Floyd anticipates roughly 8,000 people will be at the convention.

"Our kids will perform at the first general session on September 27," he said. "Their performance will highlight Stephenville and the district. It will give the folks in attendance a little idea of what SISD is all about."