Across from Tarleton State University is a singular little tea and shake bar that caters to its patrons' health needs. Pink Kow is less a shop than it is a health club, and Richard Black, who shares the space with his mother, Christina Slagle, is nearing a year of experience as an Herbalife coach. He is bright and energetic

and exudes excitement over the product he sells as well as the clients, who he

refers to as friends, he serves.

The Pink Kow is nothing like a regular juice or smoothie bar. How would you describe it?

Answer: "Pink Kow is a fun, social place to meet with friends seeking similar health goals. We provide professional help with nutrition and fitness to get the results you would like to achieve.

"We don't claim to cure anything. But it is amazing; if you put the proper nutrition in your body, your body will heal itself."

With swimsuit season just around the corner, many are becoming more body conscious and might want to tweak their figures a bit. You say you have had people want to gain weight as well as lose. How have you helped with that?

Answer: "I had one girl come in who wanted to gain. She went from a size zero to a size three. She told me she couldn't gain weight that she had been trying to gain weight her entire life. When she told me what she had been trying to do to gain, I immediately realized her body just wasn't absorbing the nutrients she was consuming.

"She started drinking three shakes with her meals to help her gain. And her body began to absorb things better.

"Probably more girls want to lose rather than gain. Two of the first girls I coached have lost over 40 pounds total and completely transformed their bodies. One of them came to me and told me she had tried every weight loss program there was, but she just couldn't lose weight.

"She said she felt like she ate healthier foods, but she wasn't seeing the results. When she said that I thought again that her body just wasn't absorbing what it needed. Absorption is highly important."

How does the club work?

"A daily membership of $6 covers a tea and a shake. Or you can buy the product and make it at home, which is less than $2.50 a shake.

"This is a supplement. It's easy and convenient. The best doctors formulated it. I don't have to worry about what's in it. I know I can have this and get everything my body needs.

"We also have free workouts every single Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. We do mostly calisthenic and cardio to get the body kind of going."