District Attorney Alan Nash has been flooded with questions from media and private citizens wondering why the man accused of shooting and killing Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield has still not been indicted by a grand jury.

Routh is being held on a $3 million bond at Erath County Jail charged with capital murder.

He was arrested Feb. 2 after allegedly gunning down the men at a gun range at Rough Creek Lodge where Kyle had taken him to target practice. The outing was reportedly meant to help Routh, who had been under the care of a veteran's hospital, deal with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

Now, Nash is facing questions from those wondering what's taking so long for an indictment. The law states that the defense can petition the court to reduce a defendant's bond if they haven't been indicted by a grand jury within 90 days of the arrest.

Nash said Routh's defense team has not filed any such petition and doesn't expect them to.

"Following the murders of Chad Littlefield and Chris Kyle, law enforcement, including the Erath County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Rangers and the Stephenville and Lancaster Police Departments, moved swiftly to identify and apprehend the suspect to prevent further violence," Nash said in a statement released by his office Wednesday. "Even with the perpetrator in custody, the investigation of a capital murder case takes considerable time, as it involves more than simply identifying a perpetrator and securing physical evidence relating to the crime."

Nash said investigators are working with his office to prepare the case for the grand jury. He said it would be inappropriate to make public a date when the case will be presented to a grand jury.

"The date we present this case to grand jury will be controlled by time guidelines established in law, a thorough gathering of evidence relevant to a capital case, consideration of the families of the men who were murdered, and the due process interests of the accused," the release states.

Nash said while grand jury proceedings are not public, any indictment is public record and will be made available immediately upon filing.

Meanwhile, Routh's behavior remains erratic. He sleeps almost all day, refuses to go outside, and often refuses to take his medication or see visitors, according to Sheriff Tommy Bryant.