With the school year running short on time, Lingleville valedictorian Lorissa Sanchez is getting ready for her next hurdle, Tarleton State University, where she plans to study business administration.

Sanchez’s favorite subject in high school was math.

“It was my favorite subject because of the awesome teachers we have here in Lingleville. It also didn’t hurt that I’ve always been able to do well in the subject.”

While at Lingleville, Sanchez was a member of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, the president of FFA and the National Honor Society. She also participated in high school rodeo and Relay For Life. Sanchez said her most memorable moments of high school included FFA.

“We qualified for state all four years that I was in high school in the wildlife judging competition,” she said. “All of those times will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

Sanchez credits much of her success to her grandmother (father’s mom). “She pushed me from before I can remember to do well in whatever I tried. She also never missed a sporting event or anything I was involved in. It showed she was committed to me succeeding.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the soon to be valedictorian, however.

“I really faced an obstacle when I moved here my freshman year. I wasn’t the top of the class and really had to work hard to pass the person in front of me to get where I am today.”

In five years Sanchez hopes to be graduated from Tarleton State and working in the veterinary medicine field. She also hopes to one day travel out of the country.

“I really want to go to Paris, France someday. The culture and the way of life just seems really interesting to me,” she said.

Sanchez also has a message for those about to enter high school looking to succeed academically.

“Work hard from the beginning. It’s really hard to fix your grades later if you slack off at first. Also, just live it up. Because before you know it, it’s over with and will go by way quicker than you think it will.”

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