Memorial Day is a holiday many look forward to. A big three-day weekend full of water sports, barbecues and relaxation. However, it wasn’t always that way. Beginning almost 150 years ago, the tradition started with the decoration of fallen Civil War soldier’s graves. Nobody knows exactly when the holiday first started, but it is believed to have started sometime between 1860 and 1865.

Current day traditions of Memorial Day include the raising of the United States’ flag to full staff and then slowly lowered to half staff until noon. At noon the flag is then restored to full staff for the rest of the day. Also, most businesses and schools are closed on Memorial Day. It is also considered to be the un-official beginning to the summer season.

Here is a list of multiple closings in the area.

All local schools including Tarleton State University.

Stephenville city offices and most city services will be unavailable. However, garbage service will run as planned on Monday.

Banks will be closed and open as usual on the following day.

County offices are closed.

The post office services are closed, however you can still pick-up mail from P.O. boxes.