Splashville had its summer opening Friday when it hosted an end-of-year party for students at Chamberlin Elementary. The students who attended the event had to reach an Accelerated Reading goal set at the beginning of the last six weeks.

“It’s very exciting that we can do this. It’s exciting to see this many students read and then come here and have fun,” said 2nd grade teacher DeeAnn Fritts.

The cloudy weather didn’t stop the students from having a great time.

“My favorite part of the water park is the big yellow slide,” said Gabe Camberos, a 2nd grader. “It shoots me out really fast.”

Presley Laduque, also a 2nd grader, said she is looking forward to spending lots of time at Splashville this summer.

“All my friends come here,” she said.

The students weren’t the only one excited about the water park. Morgan Gilliland, a 19-year-old staff member of Splashville said, “I’m really looking forward to seeing all the kids have fun every day.”

The water park will be open from 1-6 p.m. today and Monday. Splashville will be open for regular summer hours next weekend.