A drive around Stephenville is sure to be a bit of an obstacle course over the course of the summer as road construction throughout the city is underway.

"We have three main streets city projects that will be actively under construction," Drew Wells, director of community services, said Wednesday. "There will be two state projects under construction all at the same time or overlapping at different times."

The city will maintain a map on its website to identify active construction areas, and it will be kept updated, according to Wells. There will also be a large map displayed at City Hall in order to keep people in the know.

McIlhaney Street is already undergoing a redo with bricks pulled up and gravel brought in.

"McIlhaney is a brick street and has been scheduled to have the bricks removed and then be paved with asphalt," Wells said.

Some of those historic streets in town will be left with their bricks, but they will receive a makeover of their own.

"Several years ago the city identified brick street areas we wanted to retain in that state," Wells said. "Our plan for those that are currently brick outside that district is to remove their brick and pave them with hot mix. We will retain those bricks to use in repairs for the streets we want to leave as brick."

But such reconstruction is a project for another year.

This year's plan is to repair and improve the portion of Dale Avenue from Washington Street to Frey Street, the section of McIlhaney Street that spans from Washington Street to Vanderbilt Street, the block of Tarleton Street that runs between McIlhaney and Ollie Street and the stretch of Alexander Road between the South Loop and Long Street.

"Those streets will be active work areas through the next three or four months," Wells said.

The city intends to have the projects on McIlhaney and Dale completed by the fall semester.

Four smaller repairs will address issues on Floral, Vine and Devine streets as well as on Meador Avenue.

Sections of Dale Street between Frey Street and the Northwest Loop are scheduled for maintenance instead of reconstruction and will be treated with a slurry seal to mend cracks in the road.

TxDot will be busy with construction as well, slated to repave the areas of Business 377 from Walgreens to Lone Star Arena. The Northwest Loop will be garnering some attention of its own from the South Loop to Lingleville Road.

All of the repairs will make for several detours and will require miles of patience on the part of drivers, but they are necessary to maintain roads and secure the safety of city drivers.

"The majority of the roads will be passable most of the time," Wells said. "But people need to be aware of the importance of slowing down and being prepared for the extra time they will need for their commutes."

For questions related to TxDot projects, call 965-3511.