It was a day for celebration for 3rd and 4th graders at Hook Elementary Wednesday. The students celebrated their success from the year-long Accelerated Reader program which monitors the practice of reading in young students. Depending on the success each student had within the program they could attend a DVD showing in the school auditorium, play bingo, go skating, bowling or swimming, attend Jump Extreme in Weatherford or take a trip to Six Flags Over Texas.

“The goal-setting in general is important for the kids. Some of the students have had older siblings attend Hook and they know the milestones,” Lisa West, a 3rd grade teacher, said. “To achieve the set amount of points each student must be very motivated.”

The parties, however, are not a way to separate which students had more success than others.

“Many of the students don’t know what the parties are until later in the year. It doesn’t matter which party they attend, it’s all a big celebration of their success reading,” West said. “It’s also great for the kids to spend time with others they usually don’t see, whether they be in a different grade, or have a different recess or lunch time.”

Ronda Monson, also a 3rd grade teacher, “It’s very rewarding seeing the kids who had kind of a tough time during the year, or in 3rd grade make it to a party that they wanted. It’s a celebration for all of the teachers and staff, we all attend the parties and have a great time.”

West said the parties mean a lot to her as well.

“The kids grow and work so hard over the school year and to see them celebrate their hard work and their efforts together is great. They’re all successful.”

According to Librarian Daresa Rhine, the overall success of Hook Elementary in the AR system this year includes 51,009 total books read, 298,752,574 total words read and 52,181 total points earned by the school.