Out of 41 straight outings, no bull rider has stayed on Bushwacker for more than 2.35 seconds this season. Eight seconds is the minimum to be called a successful ride. In the arena, bulls and riders are scored, each athlete receiving points, that when perfect would total 50 each.Bushwacker has earned an average score of 47.20 this season. He is performing even better this year than last when he had a buck-off of 97.6% with riders averaging 3.22 seconds atop the muscled-up bucking bull.

If you have seen this mighty bull exit with a rider atop his back, you can wonder how in the world the most successful rider could ever stay on for 8 seconds.The bull jumps and becomes almost perpendicular with the arena dirt. Cowboys generally find that with the very first second out of the gate, their seat is fading away. So far this year none have ridden him, but come May 10 someone will attempt to do the impossible, stay seated on Bushwacker - the 2011 PBR World Champion Bull.

Contractor Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls says that he gets really nervous when Bushwacker is in the chutes.

The Last Cowboy Standing, a premier Professional Bull Riders event, begins Friday, May 10, in Las Vegas. Challenging the riders in the second elimination round on Saturday will be Bushwacker and 2012 PBR champion bull, Asteroid.

Two riders will have to make it through the terrible twosome to claim the event title but if one does, he will earn an additional $80,000 bonus.

The format for The Last Cowboy Standing is simple.If a rider stays on his bull until the 8-second buzzer, he moves on. If he gets bucked off, hes done. At the end of the night the survivor will be declared The Last Cowboy Standing.

A PBR first, this event will air on back-to-back days on CBS, Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12, from 5-7 p.m.

Tune in to witness the top bull riders attempt to master the fiercest bucking bulls in the country.