Erath County commissioners spent the majority of their time Monday morning hearing financial reports.

Robert Meyers, a representative from McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen P.C. Attorneys at Law was on hand to give the company's annual report on tax collections services. He reported the company has helped the county collect an estimated 99 percent of delinquent taxes over the last four years.

"In the last four years, the county's total annual tax collections (current and delinquent taxes, penalties and interest) actually exceed the amount of taxes that have been levied," Meyers told the court. "As of today, the county has collected 99.08 percent to 99.55 percent of the taxes that were levied for each of the last four years."

The company Meyers represents has collected 64.13 percent of the taxes referred to them since July 2012, 80.26 percent of those referred to them since July 2011 and 90.32 percent of the taxes since July 2010.

County Judge Tab Thompson said he enjoyed getting this report because he believed it was like a snap shot of the county's economy.

Donna Kelly, county treasurer, presented the county's quarterly report, saying the county's investments were in two local banks, as well as some in TexPool.