After hearing a number of reports and taking action on cafeteria prices, the district improvement revisions and performance goals for the superintendent, the Dublin ISD board of trustees spent more than an hour and a half in closed session Monday to discuss personnel issues including the hiring of a math teacher.

The board voted to hire Rebecca Owens as a teacher for the rest of the school year at the Intermediate School by a vote of 4-2. Lathes Towns and Adrianne Fails voting against the measure. Towns spent a majority of the closed session out of the room; the reason for Towns' absence was not discussed in open session.

In other business, the board voted to update the price for breakfast and lunch due to new food guidelines. The new guidelines require larger servings for students. With the change, the cafeteria was serving kindergarden students the same size servings as sixth graders and the sixth graders were paying more for the same amount of food. Members were informed they could make the price lower for older students ($.25 for breakfast and $.50 for lunch) and stay within the estimated budget. The board passed the measure with a 4-2 vote with Towns and Fails again voting against it.

Board members were presented with updated and revised copies of the 2012-13 District Improvement Plan and the 2012-13 District Technology Plan. Both plans were presented at previous meetings but needed revisions for various reasons.

A copy of performance goals for Schneider, written by board president Daniel Thiebaud, was also presented to the board. The goals will be used to review Schneider's performance. It included communication with parents, community members and staff. Board members approved the performance goals after Schneider agreed to them.

Reports presented to the board included a report on the highly qualified district, the hearing on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) rating by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), monthly financial reports, resignations, student enrollment and others. Resignation from the district were Jonie Bennett and George Malice. Both were bus drivers and Bennett taught math at the Intermediate School. Schneider said the district is in need of drivers.

The report given on the district's FIRST rating included issues with the debt as it relates to expenses per student and other points the board asked for clarification on. Schneider said he would have more information at the next meeting.

The superintendent also reported the district's rating for highly qualified teachers was 100 percent on all campuses. He said every teacher at Dublin ISD is teaching within their fields of training and every teacher in the district is "highly qualified" to teach. Schneider said there are a number of ways to be classified as highly qualified. Those include having a state teacher certification of highly qualified by testing scores, service, study hours and certification or years teaching a subject. The board accepted the report by a vote of 5-1.