Santa has lost a gift, and the E-T is hosting a scavenger hunt to make the search for it a bit more challenging for readers.

At stake is a $500 Walmart gift card that is sure to add a nice bonus to any family holiday shopping spree.

“The clue is in every published newspaper, starting this past Sunday,” E-T Circulation Manager Daryl Robinson explained. “The clues will narrow it down to where the hiding place is. The first person who finds the hidden medallion and brings it to our office wins the $500 Walmart gift card.”

Where will the hints be?

“They can be anywhere in the paper,” Robinson said. “But each clue is a little two inch by three and half inch ad that is a graphic of a Christmas present with the clue printed in it.”

Last Sunday's paper featured the lead on page A3 and gave this cryptic message:

“There are many from border to border of our beloved area. Be assured that I'm neither entombed nor buried on an Erath County dairy.”

“There are rules,” Robinson warned. “The medallion won’t be found on a cemetery. It won’t be on a private home or residence, but it could be in a public right away. Be sure to obey all trespassing laws.”

Each clue narrows down the medallion’s location. And treasure hunters won't need to be daredevils or to break out a sweat to be successful.

“You’ll not need to use a ladder or dig holes to reach it,” Robinson assured readers. “That doesn’t mean it won’t be above your eyes, but you won’t need a ladder. And it doesn’t mean it won’t be under something, but you won’t have to dig for it.”

When does the hunt end?

“When someone finds it,” Robinson said. “We hope to narrow the hunt down to three weeks. If you pay attention to the clues, by the end of the third week?which will leave one full week before Christmas?you should be very close to where the medallion has been hidden.”

Everyone except for employees of American Consolidated Media is welcome to participate in the scavenger hunt.